English page Cutting machine

English page Cutting machine

Thanks to you, our founding 45 years.


Thanks to you, our founding 45 years. Used pull the paper processing equipment sales has already overhaul.
Cutting machine Victoria , Cutting machine Flat panel , Covers.We also take purchase below.


We do not net a nice fat sale, will sell at cheap prices. Please proceed from the Menu.
Overall it has been as good as new, is broken by using a few decades if it can correct.
In reality, the stock is in turn again to our products sold 30 years ago, once or twice in one place also went to the customer as new or repaired is not much to repair stubbornly.

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For customers outside of Japan

please contact us by phone or email, You can look at the products plant.
And customize it available, please contact us.



About Delivery

Our work will be boxed up in Japanese ports.
Arrangements for such shipments are, thank you on your way.



About Payment

Delivery time (the time of delivery to the port of Japan) to thank you once payment in our bank account before 72 hours.


雷神屋本舗 新台/中古打抜機 台湾製,国産,ポンス,油圧裁断機,ダンボール紙器機械 販売買取の【雷神屋本舗】自動平盤打抜機|ビクトリア打抜機|トムソン打抜機|平盤打抜機|たおし|タオシ|ビクトリア打抜機|トムソン打抜機|平盤打抜機|たおし|タオシ|





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MRF エムアールエフ

■西日本・九州地方の方 中小企業様・個人事業主様 ■借入限度額 100万円〜3億円 ■利息(契約年率)4.00%〜9.90


ファクタリンクは、融資でも借入金でもなく、お客様に知られずに売掛金をキャッシュ化する方法です。 ※年商7000万円の法人様対象